Advice from Vikki- Getting the Most our of Your Lesson
May 9, 2017

I attended a teaching seminar today and it taught me a good lesson. I should be teaching you golf, not just letting you know about the clinics and lessons I have planned. Many of you may not even know how I teach or what I do so here is my first attempt. 
As a teacher I have given thousands of lessons. At the beginning of my career I loved getting as many lessons and people as possible. However when I would see my students return to the next lesson I hadn't seen much improvement. They said they practiced and I believed them but I didn't see any results. It wasn't until recent'y that I started giving my students advice on how to practice effectively to get the most out of the lesson. Even if you are not able to get out to the course there is always something you can do to work on the new changes. Any changes, small or big can be very scary, so here's some advice. 
1. Not everybody get's it on the first try. Let me say, almost noone makes changes on the first lesson. That's why I like to interview you and develop a plan based on you and your schedule and goals. 
2. Practicing your new move in front of the mirror is really helpful. You may think it's weird but when you see yourself it could look perfectly normally. This gives direct feedback to the feeling of what you are actually doing. 
3. Trying out the new changes 2 or 3 times before you see me, or your instructor before another lesson is important so you two can talk about what you are experiencing. And I can see how you are trying to make the change and if you are making the change correctly. 

Hope these few tips help. I will continue to send you more tips as we go. 

I've also posted up new clinics on my FB page. This one is very popular, if you all would like a group lesson for a party or something special let me know and we can come up with a plan. Any feedback is always accepted.